Bow 5 x 6 Hunting Blind



This 5 x 6 bow hunting frame has quickly become a favorite at Rhino Building Products providing a sweet spot between space and functionality. One of the first things you’ll notice is the amazingly durable inner and outer surfaces that cover the most efficient insulation you’ve ever seen. Our blinds can quickly be toasty warm in the freezing cold or pleasantly cool with our optional A/C unit. Our magnetic flip windows that have one-way camo glass, keep wildlife from seeing in and are perfect for gun or bow hunting. Due to its lightweight construction and the fact that our tower doubles as a skid, you can drag your blind into place and be hunting in as few as 10 minutes! Your kids will love the USB port (a/c unit) to keep their devices charged almost as much as you’ll love the noise canceling blind design that keeps you in the hunt even with the most wiggly little hunters. The only animals you won’t be killing in our blind are wasp or other creepy crawlies that sneak into conventional stands.