Chicken Coop

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Having a backyard flock has never been easier than with the Rhino Chicken Coop. Constructed from 4” rigid foam, these coops provide superior insulation to prevent the unnecessary stress brought on by fluctuating temperatures. Keeping your coop clean and getting through your daily chores won’t get your feathers ruffled either. Every surface of the Rhino Chicken Coop is covered with our durable, water-proof coating. The built-in roosts have angled bases to create waste chutes with exterior access for quick clean out. Plenty of windows provide thorough ventilation. Each coop has 6 standard nest boxes with weather-proof exterior access. Both the full-sized entry and the flock access doors have locks for predator protection. The spacious interior has plenty of room for your birds and an interior height of more than 6’ lets you comfortably maneuver around as well. Long-term maintenance is nearly nonexistent as our coops never rot, don’t attract carpenter bees, and don’t leak. Invest in the Rhino Chicken Coop to keep your birds clean, productive, and healthy for years to come!