Dog House


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These doghouses can withstand all kinds of the wear and tear your dogs tend to do. They keep your dog out of the weather and keep them warm during the cold months. They come in many sizes: small, medium and large. 80+lb dog Our lightweight pet homes can withstand all kinds of wear and tear. They protect your pet from various weather conditions, keeping them cool in the summer months and warm during the winter months. The removable lid allows for easy cleaning. They come in many sizes and colors: Now your pet can ALSO enjoy the comforts of home.
After purchasing your Rhino Building Products pet house, there are a few simple steps to further get the most from the product.
After finding a location for your pet home, we recommend that you attach our anchor kit to properly secure it to the ground. (Anchor kit sold separately)
Step 1: when its time to clean, simply place your foot in the doorway of the pet house and lift in an upward motion to remove the lid.
Step 2: now that the lid is removed. Simply use a garden hose or pressure washer to clean.
Step 3: allow to air dry before reapplying the lid
Step 4: now your pet is ready to enjoy their house again

Length- 25in
Width- 25in
Height- 20in
Occupancy: 0-40lb dog

Length- 30in
Width- 30in
Height- 26in
Occupancy: up to 80lb dog

Length-36in x
Width- 36in x
Height- 32in
Occupancy: 80+ lb dog.

Removable Lid
Extreme Weather Resistance
Wear and Tear Resistance